Chowgirls Sustainability

At Chowgirls Catering, we pride ourselves in leading the way in seasonal fare, thoughtful hospitality, standout experiences, and sustainable solutions. Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword we like to throw around. It has been rooted in our identity from the beginning and, in our business, it is measurable, reliable, and achievable.

Green From the Get-Go

Chowgirls was the first “green” caterer in Minnesota and has been leading the way in sustainable events ever since. As we have grown since 2004 from a small organization of just two women to having more than 100 employees and serving nearly 100,000 guests per year, so has our commitment to sustainability as we realize the significant impact of our work. Because we take our responsibility to our workplace, our community, and our world very seriously, we make mindful business decisions to craft quality food with respect for people and the planet.

Local, Seasonal, Organic

Chowgirls uses locally sourced, seasonal ingredients and opts for organic products whenever possible. Our ingredients, sourced from 51 main local farms and other purveyors, travel an average of 37.5 miles to get to our kitchen.

Food Rescue

We are proud to lead the way in food rescue by sharing extra food to hungry families in our communities through food donation programs. Both Hennepin County and Second Harvest Heartland have programs that allow us to donate prepared food that has been held at food-safe temperatures.

The average wedding in the US produces 400lbs of trash. At Chowgirls, our average wedding produces only 10lbs.

Waste Diversion

We are very dedicated to diverting as much waste from landfills and incineration as possible. Through composting, recycling, donating leftovers to a food rescue program, participating in a special plastic recycling program, and serving on reusable platters and equipment, Chowgirls is constantly moving closer to our goal of zero waste. On average, 85% of our byproducts are composted or recycled.

Living Wage

We focus on the sustainability of our staff by creating a safe, sane, and social work place. We offer living wages and wellness benefits to all employees. We are committed to making Chowgirls a place people want to work with safe work policies, sane working hours, and fun social programs.

“Chowgirls is doing a fantastic job of creating a culture of sustainability. You’ve incorporated some practices that go above and beyond standard business procedures and really make an impact on the waste you create. It’s great to have an example to share with other businesses on how to make this work.”

- Amy Maas, Business Recycling Specialist, Hennepin County

About Chowgirls Catering

Chowgirls Catering is a women-owned, award-winning Minneapolis catering company delivering good taste via sustainable, approachable fare and thoughtful hospitality. Email us at to discuss your next event!

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